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Queen Dementia offers a sound that's aggressively passionate, soulful and intelligent, yet beautiful. Best known for creating a unique sound which stems from a myriad of musical influences, Queen Dementia successfully synthesizes various aspects of psychology, the human condition and emotion into an abstract, comprehensible musical format that will often catch you off guard.


Formed in 2010, the band has been mentioned in the same breath of such acts as Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, Evanescence and Nightwish. The trio has since rocked audiences, participating in notable shows including a supporting slot for heavy hitters OTEP, Nightwish, Amaranthe, One-Eyed Doll, Butcher Babies, and Mushroomhead: Ink Life Tour 2013. “Queen Dementia is getting rave reviews as a creative metal band” - (Florida Rock Stars) and successfully continue to make a name for themselves.


Queen Lana (vocals, bass, keys) takes you on a roller coaster of emotion with her unique vocal style which sets her apart from all other female front women and has been hailed as “One of the finest front women I have ever heard” - (Leah S. Pritchett, Outloud Magazine). Drawing on influences ranging from PJ Harvey to Maynard Keenan (Tool) makes her sonic range versatile and unpredictable. Lyrically, she explores the human condition, loss, politics, religion, and cries of the soul in an abstract fashion. The combination of her vocal melodies and meaningful lyrics rising above her throbbing bass lines define her as a musician. 

Joseph (guitar) dominates as the only guitar composer of the trio, able to use his prowess to create a wall of sound with his crushing riffs, unforgiving chord progressions and symphonic solos. Jav (drums) holds it down on drums as the backbone of rhythm for Queen Dementia. He utilizes pounding patterns in contrast with intricate, creative beats complimenting the melodies and bringing it all together to deliver yet another unique element to the band.


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Following the release of two influential EPs and groundbreaking music videos, the band released their first full-length album, The Aftermath (2014) in conjunction with the first music video in support of the album. With eyes focused on what promises to be a successful future, Queen Dementia will be touring in support of the band's latest efforts. Hail to the queen. She will be ruling a city near you.

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